Day: March 21, 2021

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Right Landscape Installation Company

Curb appeal is important, not only to you but to your neighbors whether that is commercial or residential.  No one wants to live or have an office next to a neighbor who doesn’t keep up the aesthetics of their property.  Here are our top 10 recommendations for you when looking to hire a landscape design and installation company.

  1. Communication:  Answering your calls, texts, and emails is very important.  Make sure whoever you do business with, is good at that!
  2. Transparent and easy to comprehend proposal:  When bidding on a landscaping job, the landscape company should be able to put the description of their work into words you can understand and also not have a contract with too much legal jargon.  Make sure there is no confusion so you do not experience any awkward moments down the road.
  3. Sticking to a budget:  So many people get into the installation process and realize they need or want more plants, different color schemes, more expensive rock etc.  Our recommendations are for the client and company to stick to the budget.  However, if you must make changes, sign off on a change order for both parties’ sake.
  4. Pre-installation meeting:  When the company you have hired is about to start a project that will last 2 weeks to even 2 months, it is very wise for both parties to sit down and discuss various plans of action.  This could simply be start and stop times, parking areas, appropriate times for delivery etc.
  5. Installation process:  While the work is in progress, a point of contact on site is imperative.  This allows for much easier communication day to day so there is no confusion
  6. Material & Equipment storage:  Whether the company you work with is doing work for a week or 1 month, there should be a designated spot for equipment and material storage in the installation process.
  7. Weather delays:  This is something unfortunately no one can control.  When weather occurs, hopefully both parties communicate with each other on whether or not the project can continue in inclement weather.
  8. Nearing completion:  As the project progresses towards completion, it is important to ensure everything is being cleaned up and there is nothing left out of place.
  9. Final walkthrough:  When completing a project, at the time of clean up, it is important to do a final walkthrough with your company you have hired for your project so you all can discuss any final changes or simply enjoy your newly completed landscaping!
  10. Payment:  The final invoice should not have any surprises.  Make sure if there are changes, you have that in writing and agree to those prior to receiving your final invoice.

We hope this helps you with selecting the right landscaping company for your outdoor needs!