Author: Chase O'Shea

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Choosing The Right Commercial Ground Maintenance Provider

Choosing the right ground maintenance provider is a tough decision, especially for a large facility or multiple properties if you’re a property manager. Luckily we have put together a “buyer guide” for you with our top 7 recommendations when looking for the right ground maintenance provider for your facility

  1. Communication: from the first point of contact to the day of signing the 12 month contract, there needs to be thorough communication. This saves both parties time.
  2. Transparency: being transparent with one another is very important. Not every company does everything under one umbrella, maybe company A subs out irrigation whereas company B does everything in house.
  3. Professionalism: being professional is very important when your service provider is on site performing services for you. A company should have their employees in uniform, trucks marked, and a point of contact on site at all times so you know who is doing what and when.
  4. Schedule: everyone has a busy schedule. With that being said, when it comes to a specific service schedule, the company you choose should have a specific day of the week they will assign your account to. This is great for planning events, watering schedules, or just having that peace of mind.
  5. Customer Relations Not Customer Service: when it comes to earning business it’s one thing but retaining that business is a whole different obstacle. We believe your service provider should be always taking care of you. This means making sure you have one less thing to worry about which is the entire grounds of your facility. The service provider you choose should want to form and maintain a partnership not just another monthly transaction. We believe customer service is serving the customer after a mistake has been made rather than continuously cultivating that relationship.
  6. Contracts: When you sign a contract with the company you choose, that contract should be easily comprehensible. There should not be any hidden fees or ways to wiggle their way out of doing certain work you expected.
  7. Monthly Billing: The invoicing process should be easy to understand and consistent. No one wants a service provider to fall behind several months and then have to come back and pay out several months in one lump sum. Make sure payment terms are agreed on and in your contract.

We hope these tips help you finding the right provider for your commercial facility.