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Irrigation Installation
Tulsa Irrigation Repair & Install

There are many types of irrigation systems.  Here are our top 8 tips to better understand your Irrigation repair & installation in Tulsa.


  • Making sure you have the right water pressure is key.  Typically in newer parts of Tulsa, such as South Tulsa, parts of midtown, Jenks, and Broken Arrow will have a higher water pressure therefore you can typically install less zones when installing a new irrigation system in your yard.
  • Many irrigation installation companies in Tulsa charge by the zone.  It is important to do this for both parties because the pricing is very clear and there is typically no confusion.
  • An irrigation system will simply save you money and time.  This will allow you to spend more time with family, friends, and ultimately doing what you love, rather than watering your lawn and plants everyday.
  • In the extreme Oklahoma heat, it is advised to water your lawn at least 1.5″ per week to adequately water your lawn.  Again, this is very time consuming therefore an irrigation system will save you time.
  • There are many different wifi irrigation controllers to choose from. This will you to operate and check on your irrigation system from anywhere.
  • An experienced Irrigation company will know how to save on your water bill by properly installing the right irrigation rotors so there is no issues with over spraying and ultimately wasting water on concrete or fences etc.
  • Generally, the irrigation repair company that installs your irrigation system will be able to provide a blueprint of the system so if repairs are needed in the future, you will have a better understanding of the areas.
  • Always remember to winterize your irrigation system as well.  Winterization can be inexpensive.  Typically quotes are around $150 per winterization.  This will save you so many headaches come spring time when you find out water was not drained out of your back flow properly and now you need a new back flow, which is a very expensive repair!
Do I need to hire a landscape company to make my lawn great again?

Do I need to hire a landscape company for my lawn to look great?  

One day you wake up and decide to go for a stroll around your neighborhood and see all of these beautiful lawns that have lawn care companies taking care of them but you are a do it yourself, a weekend warrior, a jack of all trades.  You want to give it a try yourself.  Here are our top 7 tips to help you have the best lawn on the block without a professional lawn care service.

  1. Fall is a very important time of the year to get your lawn prepared for the spring and summer.  At this time we recommend aerating and overseeing your lawn, no matter what turf type it is.  This will allow it to take root from fall to spring to prepare to be nice and full for summer.
  2. Trimming your shrubs consistently is a key maintenance task for keeping your flowerbeds tidy.  This will help the growth and grooming of your flowerbeds into what you desire.
  3. Mowing your lawn weekly is a must do in Tulsa.  Not only does Bermuda grass grow horizontally, you should cut it at 2″ or less according to the OSU extension office.
  4. A thick layer of mulch, such as 3-4″ will slow the growth of weeds.  Contrary to popular belief, weed fabric actually germinates weeds sucker than if you were to compare it to a bed with a 3-4″ layer of mulch.
  5. Your lawn needs at least 1.5″ of water per week in order to thrive.  This will especially be taken care of by the crazy spring rains we get in Tulsa but during summer months your irrigation system should be always picking up the slack!
  6. Turf care is very important for the health of your grass and the overall aesthetics.  We always recommend a 7 step treatment to cover all weeds we get in Eastern Oklahoma.  This treatment plan would include 2 pre-emergents, 2 post-emergents, and 3 fertilizations.
  7. Aeration & over-seeding is especially important for Fescue lawns.  This is the proper time of year for over-seeding the Fescue so it has plenty of time to take root before the brutal summer Oklahoma heat.
Residential Lawn Maintenance

How to find the best residential lawn maintenance service

Communication: Getting a residential mowing service that answers their phone or calls you back in a timely manner is key.

Transparent Estimate: When you request an estimate the business should get you that estimate within 48 hours.  This estimate should be easy to understand and not have any gray areas.

Payment Terms:  In this day and age, people are paying by credit card on almost every daily transaction.  Find a lawn care company that can put a card on file to process weekly or monthly or can simply process a credit card.

Weekly vs Bi-weekly:  10/10 we always recommend mowing your lawn weekly, especially in this Tulsa humidity and heat.  Being set up to have your lawn mowed weekly will ensure your lawn is always well kept and your dog won’t go missing in the grass.

Schedule:  Time management is very important.  You are busy with your day to day routine.  The last thing you want to do is get a call that the lawn crew is at your house and they need you to unlock the gate.  Make sure the company you hire to mow your lawn is going to come on the same day each week and roughly around the same time.  This will help you and the business manage your time better.

Add on Services:  Most landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses do extra work other than just mow.  When you are discussing your lawn maintenance needs, it would be a good idea to discuss other services they offer in case you may want something down the road such as shrub trimming, annuals and mulch installed, or maybe your yard treated for weeds.

Point of Contact:  Whether you have an owner operator mowing your lawn or you have a company with multiple crews, a point of contact for you is key.  This could be the route manager or the crew leader.  Either way, make sure you have the ability to talk to someone on that crew to ensure your questions are answered.

Professionalism:  Hiring a professional crew is important for safety.  We always recommend making sure the landscaping company you are working with has marked trucks, employees in uniform, and a set schedule.  No one wants to have someone random walking in their backyard on a day you did not expect any visitors.

Hope these tips help you and we hope you have a great summer!

Rock vs. Mulch
Mulch Vs. Decorative Rock

Rock vs. MulchThe time has come and you have finally decided to pull the trigger on a landscape design but you have the tough decision left on doing either mulch or rock as the top layer for your flowerbeds. We are here to help you with your decision. Here are some pros and cons of both.



  • Mulch retains moisture very well and also acts as a blanket during hot and cold times which in turn protects your plants.
  • Acts as a weed barrier to slow down the germination of weeds.
  • It decomposes over time and adds nutrients to your soil.
  • Keeps rain from soil wash-outs.
  • Helps prevent soil compaction.
  • Overall looks great!


  • It can wash away if it is loosely installed.
  • Can lose color overtime.
  • Must replenish 1-2 times per year.

Most bulk mulch prices are typically between $35-$60 per yard.

Decorative Rock


  • Stay the same color forever.
  • Will not blow away in high wind.
  • Will not wash out in heavy rain.
  • You do not need to replenish 1-2 times per year.
  • Rock creates great drainage capability for problematic wash out areas.


  • Expensive initial install.
  • A pain to swap out if you decide later on down the road you dislike the color or want a change.
  • It does not add nutrients to the soil.

Most bulk decorative rock prices are typically between $60-$250 per yard.

As always, we hope this helps you with making the correct decision in your landscaping needs!

A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Right Landscape Installation Company

Curb appeal is important, not only to you but to your neighbors whether that is commercial or residential.  No one wants to live or have an office next to a neighbor who doesn’t keep up the aesthetics of their property.  Here are our top 10 recommendations for you when looking to hire a landscape design and installation company.

  1. Communication:  Answering your calls, texts, and emails is very important.  Make sure whoever you do business with, is good at that!
  2. Transparent and easy to comprehend proposal:  When bidding on a landscaping job, the landscape company should be able to put the description of their work into words you can understand and also not have a contract with too much legal jargon.  Make sure there is no confusion so you do not experience any awkward moments down the road.
  3. Sticking to a budget:  So many people get into the installation process and realize they need or want more plants, different color schemes, more expensive rock etc.  Our recommendations are for the client and company to stick to the budget.  However, if you must make changes, sign off on a change order for both parties’ sake.
  4. Pre-installation meeting:  When the company you have hired is about to start a project that will last 2 weeks to even 2 months, it is very wise for both parties to sit down and discuss various plans of action.  This could simply be start and stop times, parking areas, appropriate times for delivery etc.
  5. Installation process:  While the work is in progress, a point of contact on site is imperative.  This allows for much easier communication day to day so there is no confusion
  6. Material & Equipment storage:  Whether the company you work with is doing work for a week or 1 month, there should be a designated spot for equipment and material storage in the installation process.
  7. Weather delays:  This is something unfortunately no one can control.  When weather occurs, hopefully both parties communicate with each other on whether or not the project can continue in inclement weather.
  8. Nearing completion:  As the project progresses towards completion, it is important to ensure everything is being cleaned up and there is nothing left out of place.
  9. Final walkthrough:  When completing a project, at the time of clean up, it is important to do a final walkthrough with your company you have hired for your project so you all can discuss any final changes or simply enjoy your newly completed landscaping!
  10. Payment:  The final invoice should not have any surprises.  Make sure if there are changes, you have that in writing and agree to those prior to receiving your final invoice.

We hope this helps you with selecting the right landscaping company for your outdoor needs!