Do I need to hire a landscape company to make my lawn great again?

Do I need to hire a landscape company for my lawn to look great?  

One day you wake up and decide to go for a stroll around your neighborhood and see all of these beautiful lawns that have lawn care companies taking care of them but you are a do it yourself, a weekend warrior, a jack of all trades.  You want to give it a try yourself.  Here are our top 7 tips to help you have the best lawn on the block without a professional lawn care service.

  1. Fall is a very important time of the year to get your lawn prepared for the spring and summer.  At this time we recommend aerating and overseeing your lawn, no matter what turf type it is.  This will allow it to take root from fall to spring to prepare to be nice and full for summer.
  2. Trimming your shrubs consistently is a key maintenance task for keeping your flowerbeds tidy.  This will help the growth and grooming of your flowerbeds into what you desire.
  3. Mowing your lawn weekly is a must do in Tulsa.  Not only does Bermuda grass grow horizontally, you should cut it at 2″ or less according to the OSU extension office.
  4. A thick layer of mulch, such as 3-4″ will slow the growth of weeds.  Contrary to popular belief, weed fabric actually germinates weeds sucker than if you were to compare it to a bed with a 3-4″ layer of mulch.
  5. Your lawn needs at least 1.5″ of water per week in order to thrive.  This will especially be taken care of by the crazy spring rains we get in Tulsa but during summer months your irrigation system should be always picking up the slack!
  6. Turf care is very important for the health of your grass and the overall aesthetics.  We always recommend a 7 step treatment to cover all weeds we get in Eastern Oklahoma.  This treatment plan would include 2 pre-emergents, 2 post-emergents, and 3 fertilizations.
  7. Aeration & over-seeding is especially important for Fescue lawns.  This is the proper time of year for over-seeding the Fescue so it has plenty of time to take root before the brutal summer Oklahoma heat.