Residential Lawn Maintenance

How to find the best residential lawn maintenance service

Communication: Getting a residential mowing service that answers their phone or calls you back in a timely manner is key.

Transparent Estimate: When you request an estimate the business should get you that estimate within 48 hours.  This estimate should be easy to understand and not have any gray areas.

Payment Terms:  In this day and age, people are paying by credit card on almost every daily transaction.  Find a lawn care company that can put a card on file to process weekly or monthly or can simply process a credit card.

Weekly vs Bi-weekly:  10/10 we always recommend mowing your lawn weekly, especially in this Tulsa humidity and heat.  Being set up to have your lawn mowed weekly will ensure your lawn is always well kept and your dog won’t go missing in the grass.

Schedule:  Time management is very important.  You are busy with your day to day routine.  The last thing you want to do is get a call that the lawn crew is at your house and they need you to unlock the gate.  Make sure the company you hire to mow your lawn is going to come on the same day each week and roughly around the same time.  This will help you and the business manage your time better.

Add on Services:  Most landscaping and lawn maintenance businesses do extra work other than just mow.  When you are discussing your lawn maintenance needs, it would be a good idea to discuss other services they offer in case you may want something down the road such as shrub trimming, annuals and mulch installed, or maybe your yard treated for weeds.

Point of Contact:  Whether you have an owner operator mowing your lawn or you have a company with multiple crews, a point of contact for you is key.  This could be the route manager or the crew leader.  Either way, make sure you have the ability to talk to someone on that crew to ensure your questions are answered.

Professionalism:  Hiring a professional crew is important for safety.  We always recommend making sure the landscaping company you are working with has marked trucks, employees in uniform, and a set schedule.  No one wants to have someone random walking in their backyard on a day you did not expect any visitors.

Hope these tips help you and we hope you have a great summer!