Tulsa Irrigation Repair & Install

There are many types of irrigation systems.  Here are our top 8 tips to better understand your Irrigation repair & installation in Tulsa.


  • Making sure you have the right water pressure is key.  Typically in newer parts of Tulsa, such as South Tulsa, parts of midtown, Jenks, and Broken Arrow will have a higher water pressure therefore you can typically install less zones when installing a new irrigation system in your yard.
  • Many irrigation installation companies in Tulsa charge by the zone.  It is important to do this for both parties because the pricing is very clear and there is typically no confusion.
  • An irrigation system will simply save you money and time.  This will allow you to spend more time with family, friends, and ultimately doing what you love, rather than watering your lawn and plants everyday.
  • In the extreme Oklahoma heat, it is advised to water your lawn at least 1.5″ per week to adequately water your lawn.  Again, this is very time consuming therefore an irrigation system will save you time.
  • There are many different wifi irrigation controllers to choose from. This will you to operate and check on your irrigation system from anywhere.
  • An experienced Irrigation company will know how to save on your water bill by properly installing the right irrigation rotors so there is no issues with over spraying and ultimately wasting water on concrete or fences etc.
  • Generally, the irrigation repair company that installs your irrigation system will be able to provide a blueprint of the system so if repairs are needed in the future, you will have a better understanding of the areas.
  • Always remember to winterize your irrigation system as well.  Winterization can be inexpensive.  Typically quotes are around $150 per winterization.  This will save you so many headaches come spring time when you find out water was not drained out of your back flow properly and now you need a new back flow, which is a very expensive repair!